Evigia’s IoT Technology Stands Up to Tough Conditions


Evigia’s IoT Technology Does Cool Stuff for You

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Evigia’s IoT technology is the product of over 10 years of development by leading experts. It has been proven in the toughest environments and applications.

For Mission-critical IoT Applications

Customers rely on Evigia technology to monitor and respond to environmental conditions everywhere from flood plains and fuel plants to factories and freeways. Our technology can even be found serving IoT applications in the Arctic seas. Agencies in the U.S. Departments of Energy and Homeland Security are among our most notable customers.

Robust, Rugged, and Reliable

Evigia’s IoT technology lets you create reliable wireless sensor networks with ruggedized sensors, robust communications, and low power consumption. Battery life can exceed 10 years in the field. The Evigia IoT platform includes:

  • Wireless and sensor hardware modules
  • Embedded software
  • Communications and data aggregation software
  • Cloud gateway
  • Cloud data storage
  • User dashboards
  • Mobile alerts

Power and Cost Efficiencies

Evigia’s IoT technology platform provides an overall network and system architecture optimized for power savings and cost efficiencies. Low-cost sensor nodes are battery-operated, with no maintenance for 10 years or more. The overall architecture reduces total system cost by minimizing the number of higher-cost network access modes. It also minimizes data charges from cellular and/or satellite network service providers.

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