Evigia Sensors and Software Provide Flood Warnings in Real Time at Low Cost

Smart Cities: Flood Warnings in Real Time at Low Cost

Flooding remains the most threatening natural disaster in America and around the world. Floods take  thousands of lives and cause tens of billions of dollars in property damage each year.

But there’s good news.

Communities and governments can soon work to reduce flooding’s terrible toll by getting earlier and more accurate flood warnings – cost-effectively – thanks to an innovative flood monitoring and mobile alerts network now in development.

Evigia Systems is developing the system with partial support from a U.S. government agency, as part of the U.S. government Smart Cities Initiatives. The flood monitoring and mobile alerts network uses Evigia’s rugged, low-power, long-life remote sensors, connected over long ranges to our cloud-based sensor data analytics software.

Actionable flooding data generates quickly and accurately, just as conditions change. This enables users to achieve complete situational awareness of their complete watershed.

The system’s self-healing mesh network eliminates the problem of a single point of failure. If one communications pathway is blocked, the flood sensor automatically connects to the next closest sensor to re-route its information. The self-configuring mesh network also enables the seamless insertion of an additional sensor, without costly delays to the network’s operation.

Evigia’s sensors, with their ruggedized, compact design, help to keep energy costs low while working in all terrains, even while immersed in water. Battery life extends to 10 or more years. These sensing advances are key to minimizing system downtime and reducing ownership cost.

Not to mention saving lives and protecting property.

To learn more about Evigia’s role in developing the flood monitoring and mobile alerts network, please contact Michael Young at +1-734-302-1140 or mjyoung@evigia.com.

ship in the Arctic ice

EVX1100 Satellite Tag Tests Successfully for Tracking Oil Spills Under Arctic Ice

Evigia’s EVX1100 satellite asset tracking tag and cloud gateway has been successfully tested within the Arctic Circle in a new system for marking and tracking spilled oil under ice floes.

Development of the system continues by partial support under a contract from the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), through the Oil Spill Response Research (OSRR) Program. The system supports BSEE’s mission to promote safety, protect the environment, and conserve offshore resources in all Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Regions.

Evigia Systems has joined in the project with the global engineering firm AECOM, the internationally recognized specialists in software for oil spill modeling, planning, preparedness, and response, in partnership with Midstream Technologies, Inc.

Evigia has helped build the system and support it through its rigorous Arctic testing. The Evigia team has contributed expertise in low-power, energy-efficient, ruggedized sensors and global sensor data communications through the cloud.

The project’s goal is to develop a radio/GPS-driven marking device that can be left on or under an ice floe to mark the location of spilled oil after detection by human observation, an unmanned aerial vehicle, an unmanned underwater vehicle, or a remotely operated vehicle. The system then tracks the movement of the floe and the entrapped oil for a period of up to nine months.

Adaptive power management algorithms work with the interfaced EVX1100 sensors to automatically remain dormant, when needed, to conserve power. This adaptive system-level approach, along with the innovative ruggedized sensor material, packaging, and coating, mitigates the adverse effects of snow buildup and ice formation on the system’s wireless links.

To learn more about Evigia’s role in developing the new system for marking and tracking spoiled oil under ice floes, please contact Michael Young at +1-734-302-1140 or mjyoung@evigia.com.

New EVX-Micro Business Unit Develops Custom Sensors and Systems

Evigia Systems has established EVX-Micro, a new business unit focused on the design and development of custom sensing micro-systems and MEMS-based custom sensors for specialized applications.

EVX-Micro draws upon Evigia’s 10+ years of experience in meeting customers’ needs for high-performance, high-functionality, energy-efficient sensors and systems. Designing and developing sensor system prototypes in an EVX-Micro specialty. The EVX-Micro team can deliver a fully turnkey development project and support its transfer to volume production by foundries or contract manufacturers, while acting as an extension of the customer’s own R&D team.

Four key advantages make EVX-Micro the preferred solution for custom sensors and systems:

(1) Proven Technology Modules

EVX-Micro delivers ultra-low-power micro-sensors in advanced and proprietary technology modules for producing high-quality sensor systems in any volume from small to large. These modules can be the micro-sensors themselves, or they can combine the micro-sensors with analog and digital ICs, wireless data, and micro-packaging. All modules are designed to help meet the most demanding application-specific sensing requirements.

(2) Standards-compatible Manufacturing

EVX-Micro’s sensor manufacturing processes are compatible with industry standards for producing semiconductors and electronics in volume, while supporting multiple integration paths. Readout and control electronics can be at chip-level, package-level, or wafer-level, depending on sensor application and performance requirements, production volumes, and unit cost targets.

(3) Faster Development with Increased ROI

The EVX-Micro team leverages decades of combined experience and unmatched know-how to support customers’ specialized needs in high-end sensing. Incorporating EVX-Micro’s proprietary technology modules into the design of next-generation sensing systems can significantly reduce development time and increase ROI, while building upon the technology’s proven performance.

(4) Complete Turnkey Sensing Solutions

EVX-Micro combines the technology, experience, and expertise to develop complete sensor systems. These include final sensor packaging for specific applications, sensor readout methodologies, and software for data recording and storage. The result is a turnkey solution that adds value by meeting high-end sensing needs completely, effectively, and cost-efficiently.

EVX-Micro sensors and systems offer these technology modules:

  • Micro-sensors
  • MEMS fabrication processes
  • Analog and digital ICs
  • Sensor and wireless electronic systems
  • Sensor systems embedded and network software modules
  • Wafer-level and micro-packaging, and rugged module packaging

EVX-Micro sensors and systems provide monitoring and alerts for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Strain/stress
  • Acceleration
  • Mechanical shock
  • Rotation (gyroscope)

The EVX-Micro team has extensive experience and expertise in:

  • Proprietary high-performance sensors for defense and aerospace
  • Ultra-low-power multi-sensor data loggers
  • Sensor systems for machine health monitoring and predictive analytics
  • High-value asset condition and location tracking
  • Miniaturized precision sensors
  • Passive RFID sensors
  • Wireless multi-sensors
  • Wireless-powered sensor systems

Learn more at the EVX-Micro website »

Media inquiries regarding Evigia’s EVX-Micro business unit should be directed to Michael Young at +1-734-302-1140 or mjyoung@evigia.com.

Evigia Develops Disposable Tamper-proof Electronic Container Seal

Evigia Systems, with partial funding provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, is contributing innovative sensor technology and expertise to the development of a disposable tamper-proof electronic bolt seal for use in securing and tracking maritime and intermodal containers in storage and transit.

The patent-pending disposable bolt seal provides shippers with electronic records and real-time alerts in compliance with ISO 17712:2013 standards for classification, acceptance, and withdrawal of mechanical seals used on freight containers in international commerce.

The easy-to-use electronic bolt seal minimizes the cost and complexity of conforming to ISO standards for installation and inspection. It also comes in a reusable version. The seal employs multiple measures to become tamper-proof:

  1. it detects, records, and reports breach attempts;
  2. it cannot be disassembled or reassembled without inspection; and
  3. it cannot be replaced by a duplicate or mimicked.

The seal prototype, with an accompanying mobile phone app, works with integrated near-field communication (NFC) as well as Bluetooth technology.

To learn more about Evigia’s role in developing the tamper-proof electronic container bolt seal, please contact Michael Young at +1-734-302-1140 or mjyoung@evigia.com.

Evigia Introduces EVX1000 Products for Asset Visibility in IoT Supply Chains

The Internet of Things (IoT) has an innovative new set of tools for remotely sensing conditions and tracking critical assets with accuracy, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Evigia Systems has introduced the new EVX1000 family of low-power, high-performance asset tags and network gateways for use in the most demanding field applications. These ruggedized, long-battery-life sensor devices can be used to create complete, automated wireless sensing and tracking systems to run over wide-area networks with 10,000 or more feet between hops.

The EVX1000 Series self-configurable devices operate fully untethered, without cables, while providing global network coverage. The devices’ intelligent power management technology extends battery life in the field to 10 or even 20 years without replacement.

Special materials, packaging, and coatings ensure the EVX1000 devices’ reliable operation in extreme conditions ranging from extreme heat to Arctic cold. The devices are also certified to IP67 standards for protection against dust and immersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

Products in the EVX1000 family include the:

  • EVX1001 Asset Tag
  • EVX1002 GPS Tag
  • EVX1100 Satellite Tag and Cloud Gateway
  • EVX1150 Cellular Tag and Cloud Gateway
  • EVX1210 WiFi Gateway

Learn more about Evigia’s EVX platform and products for IoT »

Media inquiries regarding Evigia’s EXX1000 Series products should be directed to Michael Young at +1-734-302-1140 or mjyoung@evigia.com.

Evigia Sensors Support Real-time Sea State Reporting for Oil Spill Skimmers

Skimmers for oil spill cleanups are sensitive to the sea’s rough conditions and can easily suffer damage. They can require lengthy and costly maintenance, especially as sea conditions change during operations. Yet oil spill skimmer operators now have a powerful preventative tool.

Evigia Systems’ ultra-low-power wireless vibration and rotation sensors are now being used – in combination with sensor analytics software from Midstream Technologies, Inc. and cloud software for oil spill modeling, planning, preparedness, and response from the global engineering firm AECOM – to develop and refine a sea state reporting system for use by oil spill skimmer operators. The system provides wave heights and other essential information in real time.

Oil spill data obtained from the system helps skimmer operators decide when it will be best to pause operations to avoid the skimmers’ damage and unanticipated maintenance cycles.

Development of the real-time sea state reporting system continues by partial support under a contract from the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), through the Oil Spill Response Research (OSRR) Program. The system supports BSEE’s mission to promote safety, protect the environment, and conserve offshore resources in all Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Regions.

To learn more about Evigia’s role in developing the sea state reporting system for oil spill skimmer operators, please contact Michael Young at +1-734-302-1140 or mjyoung@evigia.com.