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Evigia Announces EVX-Micro Business Unit

Look to Evigia’s new EVX-Micro team for design and development of your custom sensing micro-systems and MEMS-based custom sensors. Sensor system prototypes are an EVX-Micro specialty. We’ll deliver your fully turnkey development project and support its transfer to volume production, while acting as a specialized extension of your R&D team.

Evigia Sensors and Software Provide Flood Warnings in Real Time at Low Cost

Communities and governments can soon work to reduce flooding’s terrible toll by getting earlier and more accurate flood warnings – cost-effectively – thanks to an innovative flood monitoring and mobile alerts network now in development. Evigia Systems is developing the system with partial support from a U.S. government agency, as part of the U.S. government Smart Cities Initiatives.

EVX1100 Satellite Tag Tests Successfully for Tracking Oil Spills Under Arctic Ice

Evigia’s EVX1100 satellite asset tracking tag and cloud gateway has been successfully tested within the Arctic Circle in a new system for marking and tracking spilled oil under ice floes. Development of the system continues by partial support under a contract from the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), through the Oil Spill Response Research (OSRR) Program.

Evigia Introduces EVX1000 Products for Asset Visibility in IoT Supply Chains

Evigia Systems has introduced the new EVX1000 family of low-power, high-performance asset tags and network gateways for use in the most demanding field applications. These ruggedized, long-battery-life sensor devices can be used to create complete, automated wireless sensing and tracking systems to run over wide-area networks with 10,000 or more feet between hops.

Evigia Sensors Support Real-time Sea State Reporting for Oil Spill Skimmers

Evigia Systems’ ultra-low-power wireless vibration and rotation sensors are now being used – in combination with software for sensor analytics and oil spill modeling, planning, preparedness, and response – to develop a sea state reporting system for use by oil spill skimmer operators. The system provides wave heights and other essential information in real time.