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Evigia provides innovative ultra-low power sensors, integrated wireless systems, and sensor data analytics for your strategic IoT success. Let's go to work.

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Breadth of IoT Applications

Evigia's innovative IoT solutions help leading companies & government organizations deliver IoT business impact. How can we help you?

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Field-Tested IoT Technology

Our tools are working everywhere from smart cities and factories to flood plains and Arctic seas. We'll go where you need us.

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When your IoT initiatives demand more, Evigia delivers.

We design and produce innovative ultra-low power sensors, integrated wireless systems, and sensor data analytics that deliver real-world business impact for organizations around the globe. Ultra-low energy usage + advanced sensing is the core of our DNA. Evigia has a proven record in design, delivery, manufacturing, and support of sensing and tracking systems deployed in the most demanding applications and harshest environments. We enable organizations to put the critical IoT insights obtained from remote sensors directly into the hands of the decision-makers who need them.

Focused IoT Expertise

Evigia’s IoT expertise ranges from the development of custom engineered multi-sensors and wireless communications to partnering in large scale system integration and deployment. We will help you succeed in your most demanding IoT projects.

Innovative IoT Technology

Customers rely on Evigia’s state-of-the-art tools for distributed sensing and wide-area networking in the most demanding applications.

Proven IoT Applications

Evigia helps customers meet mission-critical IoT objectives everywhere from flood plains and fuel plants to factories and freeways.

Introducing EVX-Micro – Custom Sensors and Systems

Look to Evigia’s EVX-Micro team for design and development of custom sensing micro-systems and custom MEMS sensors. EVX-Micro has deep expertise in High Precision Sensor system prototyping, testing, and delivery. We’ll work with you to deliver your sensor system project from concept to volume production.  Contact EVX-Micro and see why we are an ideal partner for developing and deploying your most demanding custom sensor system applications. Learn more »

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