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SensiFlood™ Flood Sensor Network: Bring the Internet of Things to Environmental Monitoring

  • • Cost-effective rapid deployment of high-density network in urban or remote locations
  • • Real-time monitoring of multiple environmental parameters, rule-based alerts
  • • Cloud-based web and mobile Dashboard and open data interchange
  • Continuous, reliable data for water resource management and weather event response

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Introducing Rio™ Real-Time Location System: Precision indoor/outdoor location tracking

  • • Precision Ultra-Wideband (UWB) location tracking over large indoor or outdoor coverage area
  • • Compact battery-powered tags with SmartSense power management, 2+ year performance
  • • Real-time location tracking with 20cm location accuracy
  • Track location and movement of assets, inventory, equipment, and personnel

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Evigia EVX: Asset Tracking Solutions that Scale with Your Business Requirements

  • • Compact battery-powered tags utilizing GPS, WiFi, and cellular location
  • • On-board sensors for temperature, humidity, and motion/impact
  • • Dashboard provides location and zone history and device management
  • The most cost-effective asset tracking system for any size business

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Evigia Systems: IoT Solutions for Real-time Location and Sensing

Evigia Systems is a provider of Internet of Things solutions for real-time location and visibility. Our systems leverage advanced wireless sensing, data analytics, and system integration technologies and expertise. We’ll start with your business objectives and requirements and map them to an IoT solution that combines hardware, software, and implementation.
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IoT Flood Sensor Network

SensiFlood™ is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software platform that includes real-time flood gauges, a range of environmental sensing capabilities, powerful cloud-based data storage and analytics, rule-based alerts, and easy-to-use web/mobile dashboard.

Precision Real-Time Location Tracking

RiO™ provides a complete, turn-key Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Real-time Location System (RTLS) platform, combining compact tracking tags, networked anchor points, real-time tracking software, and an extensible software API. The system is scalable from localized indoor tracking to large multi-room facilities.

Evigia Services units work with our business partners to accelerate their IoT initiatives, leveraging our IoT technology, applications, and expertise.

Innovative IoT Technology

We design and deliver high performance IoT systems, combining ultra-low power sensors, integrated wireless systems, robust global networking, and comprehensive data analytics. 

Proven IoT Applications

We help customers develop IoT systems in a diverse range of the most challenging real-world applications, delivering critical information and strategic insight to  key decision makers.

Focused IoT Expertise

Evigia brings our IoT expertise to every project, partnering with our customers for large scale system integration with enterprise software and on-site hardware.

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For advanced MEMS-based sensing products, solutions, and custom engineering services, visit our spin-outs:

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